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A Xero champion also has a proven history of using Xero successfully for clients. The more sparkly the champion status, the more Xero clients that the accountant has – giving them the experience to help your business. What you’re looking for is a Xero Partner who has completed the Xero certification, AKA a Xero Certified Partner. Earning your way toward a Xero Advisor certification is a deliberate but worthwhile effort. With this certification, you can assure your Xero-based clients that you have sufficient knowledge and expertise to handle their accounts and help them with their finance and accounting needs. Xero certification can be completed through online courses, a live webinar or a fast-track Xero advisor certification.

xero certification

Finally, certified Xero practitioners not only know Xero, but they know the best Xero apps for making Xero even more efficient and effective. Apps like Expandly that make importing sales orders into Xero quick, easy and automatic – making your business streamlined, profitable and as beautiful as Xero. Accordingly, you want to ensure that any accountant you use, uses Xero and knows how to use it well – enter the Xero certification. Also, if you’re using the free trial version, do your best to get certified before the trial duration ends.

Xero requires all of its partners to complete and pass quarterly updates about the product and industry. This keeps your accountant up-to-date on new ways of working, new product features, and new rules and regulations – all which could improve your business’ finances for the better. As Xero is a cloud-based accounting and its unique and helpful features Xero Accounting is gaining major popularity and this can also be the right time to get a Xero Advisor Certification.

Xero Champion

First, you attend some classes offered by Intuit, then you work through the practice materials, and finally you take an exam. For instance, both QuickBooks and Xero have certification programs, giving certified accountants bonus perks and exposure. Today, we’ll take a look at how those programs work and what the benefits of joining up are. As your practice moves from new partner to bronze, silver, gold and platinum status levels, you’ll unlock more benefits.

xero certification

Yes, I am a professional having 5 years experience in accountancy field being a professional auditor in a Public sector Bank and professional book keeper, you can definitely trust me. Take time to figure out if one is going to be enough, then forge ahead if you feel like you need a little more. To get into Xero’s advisor directory, you’ll need to hit the bronze level, which comes at 25 partner points – you can get to that level in any of (and I’m ballparking here) 7 million different ways.

Your practice can earn points in a number of ways, including bringing clients on to Xero and using Xero products. Access product support through Xero Central and advice from your own dedicated account manager.

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Xero certification takes place over a series of seminars and requires 40 Xero University credits for the initial certification. XU credits are similar to college or CPE credits, and you’ll generate them from a variety of classes offered by Xero. That is to say, use these programs if they’re a good fit for your beliefs and practices, not because they seem like good ways to make easy money.

The Xero certification course by Brainmeasures is really advantageous for all the individuals involved in the field of accountancy and finance. Accountants, CA and people into similar professions extensively use of Xero in their day to day work. It not only saves your time but makes it a lot easier to work on financial statements, etc.

This online exam will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions which needed to be attended within 2 hours and it is compulsory to attend all the questions. Enjoy additional benefits and free software as you move up the partner status levels from bronze to platinum. Get a free listing in the Xero advisor directory once you reach bronze partner status.

So many hidden gems from these interviews.And come on over to the Bookkeeping Side Hustle FaceBook Group and ask more questions. The first step is to figure out which products you enjoy the most and which you’re willing to recommend. Xero certification is the badge of honour your eCommerce accountant should hold – ensuring that they can use Xero to its full potential, helping you to reach yours.

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It should also be noted that the features offered in Xero are accessible for every user and not dependent upon the plan you sign up for. Advisor’s within the directory are rated by Xero based on the number of Xero clients they have and the members of staff specially trained How to Handle Double-Entry Bookkeeping and qualified to use it. To become a certified advisor, you must have completed a series of learning modules and a practical exam on Xero’s key features. This ensures your advisor has a strong understanding and knowledge of how to use Xero and the ability to teach you.

  • If you want to be considered for a promotion or new job opportunity, then having a Xero certification could help make this happen.
  • Whether you are a small business owner or a financial professional, this course will help you better understand the features of Xero and how it can work for you.
  • A Xero Certified Advisor will be the most efficient bookkeeping solution for your firm allowing you to focus your time on business growth.
  • Client base aside, if it was me, I’d pick up the QuickBooks certification if I was just starting out, wanted a new job, or was trying to get a little boost to my existing practice.
  • These accounting forms will include invoices, bills, pay bills, purchase orders, deposits, and more.

Join the Xero community of accountants and bookkeepers for more efficient collaboration, task automation and streamlined workflows. In addition, you can find out how to set up your employees’ regulated and self-managed superannuation funds. Once the payroll settings are complete, we begin adding employees to payroll. Next, we will discuss managing leave requests and timesheets for your casual employees. The course will start from scratch, assuming you don’t know anything about software or accounting.

Stage 2: Job Analysis/Curriculum Design

Whether you need to get up and running with Xero quickly for whatever reason, this course is for you! This course will provide you with everything you need to know about how to set up and use Xero in just a few hours. By the end of this course, it will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of Xero, which will increase your control over your accounts. Get to grips with Xero Australia in just a few hours with our Bookkeeping Essentials training course. If you are looking for the best online Xero courses, this is the place for you! Congratulations on taking this exciting step towards independence and entrepreneurship!

#2: Avoid unnecessary mental time travel

A Xero certified staff member can do much more than just manage your books in Xero. Certified Xero Advisors can help you to better understand your financials. A Xero Certified Advisor will be the most efficient bookkeeping solution for your firm allowing you to focus your time on business growth. QuickBooks’ program for accountant certification is a pretty standard, three-step process.

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One of the most important benefits of becoming Xero certified is that it will help advance your career. In fact, there are dozens of accounting professionals who have achieved remarkable success by obtaining their Xero certification. Not only can it be integrated with payroll partners, but professionals also can have access to payroll through the employee portal. This means professionals can lodge timesheets, view their pay slips and income statements, and apply for leave all in the same place.

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