If you are an athlete interested in a tour, please use the ATHLETE APPLICATION page. We have a process you need to follow to apply for a spot on one of our teams and that page outlines what you need to do to apply. If you have a specific question, you can use the form here or e-mail us at tours@studentathleteworld.com or call us at 984-225-1040.

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Alan Lloyd, Father of Alan Lloyd Jr. (California)

"All things are possible when we come together for a good purpose in making a way for the youth of tomorrow to have a chance to travel across the world to meet people from all parts of life. We can never take for granted that we have what we have today. I would advise young people that if they are planning on going to college that they get in touch with STUDENTathleteWorld. Keep doing what you are doing, you guys rock!”

June 12, 2016

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